margaret rowson

© margaret rowson


My paintings reflect my love of colour and light, shown in my fascination for monumental skies and the constantly changing colours in landscape.

I try to convey an energy and immediacy in my work while allowing a painting to evolve and speak for itself.

Born and raised in Lincolnshire explains a love of big skies, powerful, towering churches and rich farmland.

Living in Shropshire I am influenced by gentle rolling hills, wild uplands and medieval landscape
co-existing harmoniously.

I have exhibited and sold work through the Bear Steps Gallery and Gallery 3 in Shrewsbury, also in galleries at Harlech, Chester, Lincoln and Mallorca.

Mist over Lincolnshire Cornfields

I had my work selected for Contemporary Art Sale 2007, by Hall’s Fine Art Auctions, Shrewsbury, also at The Granary Gallery Open Exhibitions, Weston Park, Shropshire.  In 2013 I exhibited in the Royal Birmingham Society of Artists Open Exhibition.

I won the Audience Prize at The Edge Gallery, Much Wenlock 2010, The Walker Harrison Trophy 2009 for best painting of Shropshire Hills and the Bourlay Prize in 2012, both at Shropshire Art Society Exhibitions.